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Paul Cobham, SIA - Chief Instructor & Founder of SSC

Leading a Field Exercise Making Fire in Winter
In survival training, practical experience counts. Paul brings expert knowledge and years of real-world experience to the field and classroom.
Survival School Canada
Life’s Tough. Are You Ready? Wilderness and Urban Survival Training for corporate and select private clients.
Paul Cobham is ex-British Forces, a licensed pilot, certified Wilderness First Responder and recipient of the prestigious Survival Instructor Award (Level IV).  He has a wealth of experience in survival training, leadership and practical knowledge of wilderness survival skills and camp building/sustainability in remote areas of the world. Paul also provides security consultation to private groups and corporations. Paul has been featured on CBC, CTV, TVO and Space, and has been interviewed for TV shows such as The Greatest Warrior. He has spoken at various outdoor events, and at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich, UK. Paul has spent the last decade of his working life in and around remote camps in Northern Ontario and the Canadian Arctic, where he is the trainer for the Emergency Response Team. After a rescue event in 2003, Paul realized he needed to share his knowledge and experience, and he founded Survival School Canada in 2004. A few years ago, Paul entered the gruelling Survival Instructor Award program, climbing Pen y Fan in the Welsh mountains and participating in an intense S.E.R.E. exercise. After the final expedition in western Scotland, Paul graduated as a SIA Level IV instructor. Personally endorsed by John “Lofty” Wiseman, survival instructor to the SAS, the SIA program is the first, and so far only, civilian survival instructor course in the world that is based on proven SAS survival principles. Experience: Past Serving Member of the British Armed Forces Africa and Middle East experience Trained in close corporate executive security detail, evasive driving skills, battlefield injury treatment Consultant to corporate security on kidnap and anti-hostage and recovery training Attended the 2010 Academy Awards in Hollywood as security for Canadian actress Remote Camps (Canadian Arctic) E.R.T. trainer and co-ordinator Certification and Qualifications: Licensed Private Pilot Certified for use of small arms through to full auto for defensive action Wilderness First Responder Survival Instructor Award Level IV (SIA IV) Further Experience: Certifications and qualifications available in response to bona fide enquiries only. Paul’s rate for speaking engagements is $250 plus travel expenses. Paul is also available as a survival consultant to media firms, and TV and film production companies. His consultancy fee is $500 per diem plus expenses.
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